Car Diagnosis

If your car needs a mobile diagnostic check done at your home or office, let 3M Auto Solutions come to you! Our mobile service technicians equipped with the latest technologies, will check diagnosis all car makes and models

Engine Maintenance

We check fuel injection, ignition, wires and cables, and spark plugs. It involves a range of tasks, including regular inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and repair of engine components, such as pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, and fuel injectors

Tyre and Wheel care

We can get a tire swapped out quickly, finding a set that matches your price point.

Mechanical Works is a service offered by our business that provides repair and maintenance services for vehicles and machinery. As experts in mechanical repair, we offer a range of services to diagnose, repair, and maintain a variety of vehicles and machinery, from cars and trucks to heavy-duty equipment.

Our Mechanical Works service typically begins with a consultation with our customers to assess the issue and determine the scope of the repair work required. We then work with our team of skilled mechanics to develop a customized repair plan that addresses all the issues and meets our customers’ needs and budget.

Our service includes a wide range of repair and maintenance services, such as engine repair and maintenance, brake repair, suspension repair, electrical system diagnosis and repair, and more. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment and high-quality parts to ensure a long-lasting and reliable repair.